Auto Repair Shops

What to Expect When You Sign Up

Your account manager will set up an initial meeting to collect your information. For this meeting, please be ready to provide:


Basic information about your shop, including name, address, phone number, website, email, hours of operation, payments accepted, social media accounts, and any photos you’d like to add to your listings Products and services you offer, as well as pricing Other special content you’d like to highlight, like areas of expertise

After the meeting, we will:

Match, sync, and lock your listings across our network of over 60 sites and apps. We will also create listings for you if you’re missing from any of our publishers. Push your product and service lists, as well as any other content you’d like to add, to your listings. Create a map marker on your listings to show customers where to park when they visit you. Link your featured message to a Schedule an Appointment page. We can also update that featured message anytime, so let your account manager know about any upcoming deals or new services you’d like to highlight. Detect and suppress any duplicate listings across our network.

Moving forward,

we’ll also show you how customers find your shop with our exclusive tracking technology and analytics. That includes: How often you appear in our publishers’ search results How often your listings are viewed How often your featured message is clicked What search terms customers use to find your shop